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Nissan Battery Service

No matter what your issues are, at McGavock Nissan of Lubbock, we offer a suite of battery services.

Incredible Battery Services at McGavock Nissan of Lubbock

When it comes to servicing your Nissan vehicle, there is no better option in the Lubbock area than McGavock Nissan of Lubbock. We offer value, service, and experience that no one else can match. This includes employing only Nissan-certified technicians who know your Nissan vehicle from top to bottom. We only use genuine OEM replacement parts as well. This means that any parts that go into your vehicle fit the exacting standards of those that come out of the Nissan factory. We also know that convenience is important to you. That’s why we offer an easy-to-use online scheduling system that is both intuitive and robust. From the comfort of your own home or while you are out running errands, you can schedule your Nissan service appointment anywhere, anytime. We also offer Saturday service hours, an express service lane, and home/office pick up and delivery service for even more convenience. At McGavock Nissan of Lubbock, we put you in the driver’s seat!


What Battery Services Are Offered at McGavock Nissan of Lubbock

No matter what your issues are, at McGavock Nissan of Lubbock, we offer a suite of battery services, including:

Battery Testing & Inspection Service

Battery Testing & Inspection

To determine whether your battery is low on charge, we can inspect your battery to determine whether there are any loose connections or need for cleaning.

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Battery Terminal Cleaning Service

Battery Terminal Cleaning

We can remove any build-up of corrosion that has accumulated on the terminals of your battery, preventing a solid flow of electricity.

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Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement

Our certified technicians can recommend a battery that fits your lifestyle and vehicle.

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The Importance of Good Battery Health and Performance

No matter how powerful or pristine your Nissan vehicle is, your engine cannot start without a properly charged battery. With the certified technicians at McGavock Nissan of Lubbock, we can test your battery to see how much voltage is remaining and replace your battery if the charge is low. We have an outstanding selection of batteries to fit any kind of vehicle or need. And we offer complimentary multi-point inspections that can help pinpoint any battery issues that you may not be aware of, so don’t wait. Schedule your next appointment online or over the phone today.


Signs That You May Need Battery Service

There are some common signs to watch out for besides your car not starting, including:

  • When trying to start your vehicle, the lights or instrument panel dims
  • The motor struggles to turn over when you turn the key in the ignition
  • Headlights dim when trying to start your vehicle
Nissan Battery Service

Don’t Settle For Less, Visit McGavock Nissan of Lubbock

We are changing the game when it comes to service and convenience for Nissan customers in Lubbock, TX. Come in and enjoy our comfortable lounge, free Wifi, flat-screen televisions, complimentary coffee, and much more! And we offer a free multi-point inspection along with expert service that you can’t find anywhere else!

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